Monday, September 20, 2010

*fun stuff!*

I wrote a long post but for some reason my computer hates me right now and won't let me copy it from word and paste it in here. :-( Hopefully I can try again soooon and it will work?!? Until then... pictures to hold you over.

******I'm just going to retype it ... rawr******

...There's lots of new, fun things that are going on. I'm super excited! To start I've signed up @
Candy Hearts to do the sugar sugar bolus at the beginning of december! and I also signed up @
D Tales to be a part of this months blogger basal. I've also been emailing and speaking to a bunch of different people who make some pretty cool diabetes products (pump packs, medic alert and diabetes awareness jewelry, test kits, and lots of other fun stuff,) so far I have a couple different people who have commited to donating items that I'm going to be using for my Sugar Bolus, I'll also being doing some reviews of their products so watch for them as a preview of what you could win!!!. (I do need to know what everyone thinks ... since I have a few different products should I split them up into packages and have two different winners or should I do them all individually and have numerous different winners???)

My mom, sister, and one of my best friends have been planning my baby shower and it's really coming together. all of the invitation have been mailed and the last of them will be hand delivered to the girls I work with tomorrow. It's less than 2 weeks away and I can't wait. It means we're once step closer to meeting baby T. we've already had over 30 people rsvp! :-D I'm so excited!

and speaking of baby t - we're officially @ 28 weeks! woohoo ... i'm getting bigger, baby T's getting bigger, and bit T ... well he's just being a great guy and dealing with me every day lol. we have another appointment this week. at the one last week the dr. decided that since baby t is doing so well they're going to attempt to let me go to 39 weeks. we're still looking at a 9 in 10 chance of a c-section, but i'm ok with that. my dr. was able to hear his heartbeat on the doppler instantly at the last appointment, it was extremely strong and loud. we won't have another ultrasound for 3 more weeks (a very long time when I'm used to having them every 2 weeks, i've already had 12 or 13!) we have the appointment on friday and then 2 weeks after we have our next appointment along with his next ultrasound. after that we'll start having our weekly nsts. and then it's the home stretch from that point on. looks like we'll be having him right around dec. 1st. i can't wait until the count down is finally below 10 weeks ... single digits seem much more realistic and do-able!

And on the diabetes side of life ... it of course love to rear it's ugly little head all of the time. my blood sugars have actually been better than ever through out my pregnancy. my last a1c was a 5.3. they needed to lower my basal rates because i was having too many lows. i think it's time we the rates back up at least a little because my blood sugars have been rising a little bit almost constantly, it seems like every day i have at least one blood sugar that is a tiny bit higher than the day before ... time to make my next endo appointment!

ok and finally here are the pictures that i promised...

My blood sugar going higher and higher, ug.
A picture of my diabetes tattoo that I got last February when visiting friends in Kentucky. (2002 was the year I was diagnosed.) Me and big T being silly before going shopping on saturday :-D.
And my pregnant belly (in the work bathroom of course lol) 27 weeks 3 days. I'm pretty sure I'm even bigger now lol.


vivian said...

love you princess gert!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

So glad you're doing Sugar Bolus and Blogger Basal! :)

As far as your give away goes, I think you could go either way. You could do separate give-aways or one big one. Do whatever seems to work best for you. Can't wait to see what you have lined up! :)

Wendy said...

Such a cute BABY BUMP! Oh and love the's a baby bump with a pump!!!


REALLY looking forward to the shower post!