Wednesday, October 27, 2010

we had a baby its a boy!

ok ok ok i'm lying ... we haven't had the baby yet but it was funny to say lol. we had our first nst on the 22nd. the dr came in the room to tell us how we have the most active little boy and that he looks perfect. we have a little over 5 weeks left until they induce me and a little over 6 weeks left until my due date. of course we haven't set anything up yet, had every intention to this past weekend but i ended up spending the weekend throwing up, yay. so now it's on to getting everything ready for the little guy. blood sugars are good. baby's good. big t's good. yay.

Monday, October 18, 2010

a little bit of everything ...

i've been so busy lately i haven't updated at all ... i've been reading everyone's blogs but i haven't had a chance to comment (so sorry! i'll be doing that this week!) so ... what's been going on ...?

i had my 31 week ultrasound on the 8th ... it went really well. they're going to let me attempt to make it until 39 weeks before they induce me. he wasn't breach anymore and it looked like the placenta previa was almost completely gone. he's still itty bitty and weighed 3 pounds 3 oz that day! but due to all of that they don't think i'm going to need a c section. :-D and my blood sugars are much lower, which the dr. is much happier about, lol.

diabetes wise things are looking pretty good. i'm still trying to check my blood sugar about every 1 1/2 hours to every 2 hours, which i'm great at during the week but on weekends i have a tendency to not follow the best schedule.

on the 9th we all (mom, dad, sister, her friend, brother1, brother1 gf, brother2, brother2 gf, myself, and big t) went to my cousin's wedding. it was almost a 3 hour drive one way but it was a nice wedding and the reception was beautiful.

and now for the fun stuff ... i'm still signed up to do the sugar bolus for the 1st week in dec!!! i'm super excited about it and i'm still working with some people for more items to use in the giveaway. so far i have some pretty fun stuff to use and i can't wait til it gets closer so that i can do a review on the awesome products and then give them to all of you!!!

and last but not least --- pictures ...

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

baby shower and mom's 50th birthday!

i have less than 9 weeks to go till baby t is born. :-D i'm so excited. we had our last dr.'s appointment on the 24th. the dr. wasn't happy with my bloodsugars, even though they were on average about 100 i had a couple that were between 150 and 200 so now we have to make sure that doesn't happen. we're back to checking every hour to two hours and making sure that i dual wave all of my boluses so that my sugar doesn't go high after i eat. yuck ... if i wasn't pregnant i'd be so happy with these blood sugars. either way i can't go past 39 weeks and we still have a 9 in 10 chance of a c-section. we find out this friday for sure about the c-section and hopefully schedule the date! it's getting so close.

this past saturday (the 2nd)was our baby shower. it was absolutely awesome. my mom, sister, and friend miranda planned it all. it was so much fun. we had somewhere between 70 and 80 people. there was tons of food and 3 gorgeous cakes. we were so blessed and received so many gifts for the baby and for us. the only thing that we still need is a crib mattress and a couple more plain white onsies lol. it was such a great day.

to add to it saturday was also my momma's 50th birthday! she spent her whole birthday making sure that our baby shower was perfect, so we tried to surprise her on sunday and plan a little surprise party for her at red robin (which is where she specifically wanted to eat lol) i'm pretty sure in the end she knew that she was going to red robin but i don't think she knew that her friends and mom and aunt would be there. either way it was a lot of fun and hopefully she had a great birthday. we got her some cute halloweenies and some gift cards and she got to wear a crown that my sister made ... and the people at red robin sang to her and brought her an ice cream sunday. (which i definitely helped her eat ... hehe.)

... oh and one of the girls we were with locked her keys in the car so my dad and both of my brothers had to break into her car for her lol.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

more giveaways!

Sugar bolus is becoming pretty popular. Everyone's giving away more and more stuff, plus what a great way to get to meet new people and read new blogs, and who doesn't want to win something???

Anyway - head over to Meri @ our Diabetic life for her awesome give away. Make sure you comment before the 23rd @ midnight!

***and check out this giveaway! plus her blog is pretty awesome too. so much free stuff everywhere, i love contests! (though i can't remember the last one i won :-( haha***

Monday, September 20, 2010

*fun stuff!*

I wrote a long post but for some reason my computer hates me right now and won't let me copy it from word and paste it in here. :-( Hopefully I can try again soooon and it will work?!? Until then... pictures to hold you over.

******I'm just going to retype it ... rawr******

...There's lots of new, fun things that are going on. I'm super excited! To start I've signed up @
Candy Hearts to do the sugar sugar bolus at the beginning of december! and I also signed up @
D Tales to be a part of this months blogger basal. I've also been emailing and speaking to a bunch of different people who make some pretty cool diabetes products (pump packs, medic alert and diabetes awareness jewelry, test kits, and lots of other fun stuff,) so far I have a couple different people who have commited to donating items that I'm going to be using for my Sugar Bolus, I'll also being doing some reviews of their products so watch for them as a preview of what you could win!!!. (I do need to know what everyone thinks ... since I have a few different products should I split them up into packages and have two different winners or should I do them all individually and have numerous different winners???)

My mom, sister, and one of my best friends have been planning my baby shower and it's really coming together. all of the invitation have been mailed and the last of them will be hand delivered to the girls I work with tomorrow. It's less than 2 weeks away and I can't wait. It means we're once step closer to meeting baby T. we've already had over 30 people rsvp! :-D I'm so excited!

and speaking of baby t - we're officially @ 28 weeks! woohoo ... i'm getting bigger, baby T's getting bigger, and bit T ... well he's just being a great guy and dealing with me every day lol. we have another appointment this week. at the one last week the dr. decided that since baby t is doing so well they're going to attempt to let me go to 39 weeks. we're still looking at a 9 in 10 chance of a c-section, but i'm ok with that. my dr. was able to hear his heartbeat on the doppler instantly at the last appointment, it was extremely strong and loud. we won't have another ultrasound for 3 more weeks (a very long time when I'm used to having them every 2 weeks, i've already had 12 or 13!) we have the appointment on friday and then 2 weeks after we have our next appointment along with his next ultrasound. after that we'll start having our weekly nsts. and then it's the home stretch from that point on. looks like we'll be having him right around dec. 1st. i can't wait until the count down is finally below 10 weeks ... single digits seem much more realistic and do-able!

And on the diabetes side of life ... it of course love to rear it's ugly little head all of the time. my blood sugars have actually been better than ever through out my pregnancy. my last a1c was a 5.3. they needed to lower my basal rates because i was having too many lows. i think it's time we the rates back up at least a little because my blood sugars have been rising a little bit almost constantly, it seems like every day i have at least one blood sugar that is a tiny bit higher than the day before ... time to make my next endo appointment!

ok and finally here are the pictures that i promised...

My blood sugar going higher and higher, ug.
A picture of my diabetes tattoo that I got last February when visiting friends in Kentucky. (2002 was the year I was diagnosed.) Me and big T being silly before going shopping on saturday :-D.
And my pregnant belly (in the work bathroom of course lol) 27 weeks 3 days. I'm pretty sure I'm even bigger now lol.

Friday, September 10, 2010


I'm not feeling very well at all. I think I might be coming down with a little cold but it was bad enough that I called off work today to spend the day in bed. And litterally that's what I did - stayed in bed all day long. Tonight while Big T was leaving for work I decided I had enough energy to organize some of my diabetes supplies. I cleaned out some boxes and put other supplies into plastic totes. And this is where I'm at now ...

...the red tote is full of random loose stuff that had no place, then there are extra boxes or reserviors, lancets, plastic totes - one has sites one has reservoirs one has test strips and one has tapes and iv prep.

...and then all of my extra boxes of sites.

On the baby front I'm getting pretty big. My belly grows every day. We have an appointment tomorrow morning, though I can't remember if it's just a dr. visit or a dr. visit and an ultrasound. Either way I'm sure they'll at least do the doppler to hear his perfect little heart.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

give away!

Wendy over at Candy Hearts is doing a pretty sweet (haha) giveaway. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on her blog. Want extra entries? Follow her and make a post on your blog for her. She has the most adorable little girl who deals with diabetes everyday. So if you don't already read her blog head on over!

Monday, August 16, 2010

hungry hungry hippos ...

i went to my eye exam last thursday, it was the 1st one i've gone to in years (i know, i know.) my endo has been telling me every apt i need to go again but now that i'm pregnant i figured it was probably a good idea (plus i recently got eye insurance through my job which makes it completely inexpensive to get new glasses and contacts.) so off i went taking the boy with me so that i would have a way to get home after they dialated my eyes. and then the dr says he refuses to do the dialation because of my pregnancy. i was a little annoyed because the baby dr is the one who said i needed to have it done but oh well. we scheduled the dialation for april and he said he got an almost perfect view of my retinas and that they look perfect. no damage from my diabetes at all. :-D i did need new glasses and hopefully they'll be in this week because i can't wait to be able to see again!

also this week i found out that my insurance is going to cover the dexcom and supplies and also a new pump and supplies for me. all i have to pay is a 20 dollar co-pay. i'm super excited about all of that. i've had minimed for over 6 years now and i'm in the process of switching to animas. after doing a lot of research the ping looks like it's what i want. i really like that fact that you can bolus from the meter. and the dexcom ... this is what i'm most excited about - i emailed my paper work in on friday after talking to my insurance company and can't wait to get the ball rolling with this. i'm hoping that it'll really make a difference and help with my pregnancy ... but for now i guess i'll need to be patient and wait to hear back from animas and dexom. :-D happy monday (almost tuesday.)

Sunday, August 08, 2010

this beach town family - $50 dolar CSN Giftcertificate Giveaway

Jess at This Beach Town Family has a give away on her blog this week. All you have to do is leave a comment on her blog to be entered. Though once you get over there you'll probably stay awhile. She has two adorable little boys (1 who was just born a few weeks ago) and she has quite the sense of humour. So head on over there ----->
say hello and get a chance at a free 50 dollars, i'd say it's pretty worth it. ;-)

Friday, August 06, 2010

21 weeks 5 days

Couldn't get the ultrasound of his heart done again because he wanted to turn upside down and put his butt in the air when it came time to do that part. Up until that then he was moving around and letting them get pictures of him but as soon as it comes time to do the important stuff he decides he's done lol. Either way we got to see some really good pics of him and he looks just like his daddy. He's still itty bitty - only 13 ounces.
:-) (and we got to see him in 3d - though it'll be better when I'm further along and he weighs more) So for the next two weeks we're dr apt free (except for the eye dr. next thursday) but then on the 20th we have another ultrasound, an apt with the high risk ob, and then an endo apt - all one right after another.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

oh baby

(20 weeks 2 days - over a week ago)
i've gone from barely looking pregnant to all of a sudden looking very pregnant. :-D

my blood sugars are crazy. my endo decided that since i've been having so many lows she needed to reduce my pump by 20% ... fine with me but now i'm having a too many higher blood sugars, which if i wasn't pregnant they'd be great numbers, but since i am ... no bueno.

i felt the baby move for the 1st time last week. it was this popping feeling over and over, such a silly feeling, but torry could see my belly dancing as it happened.

we have our next ultra sound on friday. i'm super excited to see baby t again. i'm so used to seeing him every two weeks, i love it. this week we're going to try a repeat of the ultra sound of his heart, hopefully he'll cooperate for us and move around enough. normally he's so active but i guess stubborn also? :-D

hopefully we'll get some good pics this weeks because the ones from 2 weeks ago weren't the best.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


i hate being low in the middle of the night ... no other word describes it other than it sucks. all i wanna do is sleep but instead i get to sit here and wait til my bs comes up before i can go back to sleep ... ug. what's the cure tonight? orange pineapple sunny d and half of a half of a sub from avantis lol ... ha ha, i'm brilliant when it comes to lows.

Monday, January 11, 2010


furby on my book shelf ...

my pink pump ...

and the garbage that a site leaves ...

Saturday, January 09, 2010

stupid car.

i have the most stupid truck in the entire world. some one please explain to me how a ford escape or any car at that, can accelerate on it's own without me pressing the gas? really ... and for once someone else drove my car and experienced it too. it's not all in my head. i paid a ton of money last winter to have two different mechanics fix my freaking truck. and finally we thought it was good ... but nooooo ... now that it's winter again, the most dangerous time of the year it decides to have a freaking mind of it's own and accelerate in the snow and try and kill me. some day it might, it's the most dangerous thing ever. and anyone who has ever driven a vehicle in crazy ass snow and have it try n drive itself, may understand what i'm talking about. i refuse to pay another penny to have this piece of shit truck not be fixed. ug.

Friday, January 08, 2010

d.i.a.b.e.t.i.c. p.r.i.n.c.e.s.s.

i'm back.
no posts in over a year.
been so long.
it's 2010?
still diabetic.
blood sugars hate me.
pink insulin pump instead of blue.
24 now.
got a chinchilla for christmas.
have a new house.
new roommates.
house is still in boxes.
goodbye old stressfull job.
hello new unstressfull job.
like it waaaay better.
brother is in jamaca right now.
very jealous.
sister's watching brother and gf's house and kittens.
other brother has a cold.
me too!
it's almost the weekend.
and i'm back.