Thursday, August 19, 2010

give away!

Wendy over at Candy Hearts is doing a pretty sweet (haha) giveaway. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on her blog. Want extra entries? Follow her and make a post on your blog for her. She has the most adorable little girl who deals with diabetes everyday. So if you don't already read her blog head on over!

Monday, August 16, 2010

hungry hungry hippos ...

i went to my eye exam last thursday, it was the 1st one i've gone to in years (i know, i know.) my endo has been telling me every apt i need to go again but now that i'm pregnant i figured it was probably a good idea (plus i recently got eye insurance through my job which makes it completely inexpensive to get new glasses and contacts.) so off i went taking the boy with me so that i would have a way to get home after they dialated my eyes. and then the dr says he refuses to do the dialation because of my pregnancy. i was a little annoyed because the baby dr is the one who said i needed to have it done but oh well. we scheduled the dialation for april and he said he got an almost perfect view of my retinas and that they look perfect. no damage from my diabetes at all. :-D i did need new glasses and hopefully they'll be in this week because i can't wait to be able to see again!

also this week i found out that my insurance is going to cover the dexcom and supplies and also a new pump and supplies for me. all i have to pay is a 20 dollar co-pay. i'm super excited about all of that. i've had minimed for over 6 years now and i'm in the process of switching to animas. after doing a lot of research the ping looks like it's what i want. i really like that fact that you can bolus from the meter. and the dexcom ... this is what i'm most excited about - i emailed my paper work in on friday after talking to my insurance company and can't wait to get the ball rolling with this. i'm hoping that it'll really make a difference and help with my pregnancy ... but for now i guess i'll need to be patient and wait to hear back from animas and dexom. :-D happy monday (almost tuesday.)

Sunday, August 08, 2010

this beach town family - $50 dolar CSN Giftcertificate Giveaway

Jess at This Beach Town Family has a give away on her blog this week. All you have to do is leave a comment on her blog to be entered. Though once you get over there you'll probably stay awhile. She has two adorable little boys (1 who was just born a few weeks ago) and she has quite the sense of humour. So head on over there ----->
say hello and get a chance at a free 50 dollars, i'd say it's pretty worth it. ;-)

Friday, August 06, 2010

21 weeks 5 days

Couldn't get the ultrasound of his heart done again because he wanted to turn upside down and put his butt in the air when it came time to do that part. Up until that then he was moving around and letting them get pictures of him but as soon as it comes time to do the important stuff he decides he's done lol. Either way we got to see some really good pics of him and he looks just like his daddy. He's still itty bitty - only 13 ounces.
:-) (and we got to see him in 3d - though it'll be better when I'm further along and he weighs more) So for the next two weeks we're dr apt free (except for the eye dr. next thursday) but then on the 20th we have another ultrasound, an apt with the high risk ob, and then an endo apt - all one right after another.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

oh baby

(20 weeks 2 days - over a week ago)
i've gone from barely looking pregnant to all of a sudden looking very pregnant. :-D

my blood sugars are crazy. my endo decided that since i've been having so many lows she needed to reduce my pump by 20% ... fine with me but now i'm having a too many higher blood sugars, which if i wasn't pregnant they'd be great numbers, but since i am ... no bueno.

i felt the baby move for the 1st time last week. it was this popping feeling over and over, such a silly feeling, but torry could see my belly dancing as it happened.

we have our next ultra sound on friday. i'm super excited to see baby t again. i'm so used to seeing him every two weeks, i love it. this week we're going to try a repeat of the ultra sound of his heart, hopefully he'll cooperate for us and move around enough. normally he's so active but i guess stubborn also? :-D

hopefully we'll get some good pics this weeks because the ones from 2 weeks ago weren't the best.