Friday, January 08, 2010

d.i.a.b.e.t.i.c. p.r.i.n.c.e.s.s.

i'm back.
no posts in over a year.
been so long.
it's 2010?
still diabetic.
blood sugars hate me.
pink insulin pump instead of blue.
24 now.
got a chinchilla for christmas.
have a new house.
new roommates.
house is still in boxes.
goodbye old stressfull job.
hello new unstressfull job.
like it waaaay better.
brother is in jamaca right now.
very jealous.
sister's watching brother and gf's house and kittens.
other brother has a cold.
me too!
it's almost the weekend.
and i'm back.



vivian said...

hey gertie pie! I see you ! glad things are going better for for you.. well, except those crazy blood sugars.. that worries your mama!
glad you love furby too.. she is very sweet. this weather is nasty.. Tonys very lucky to be in jamaica!! wish we were there too, just dont want to fly to get there!
see you this weekend!
love mom!

vivian said...

oh my, look at all those exclamation points in my comment to you.. silly me.......♥

George said...

Hey there! I missed you! Glad you are back!!!