Saturday, January 09, 2010

stupid car.

i have the most stupid truck in the entire world. some one please explain to me how a ford escape or any car at that, can accelerate on it's own without me pressing the gas? really ... and for once someone else drove my car and experienced it too. it's not all in my head. i paid a ton of money last winter to have two different mechanics fix my freaking truck. and finally we thought it was good ... but nooooo ... now that it's winter again, the most dangerous time of the year it decides to have a freaking mind of it's own and accelerate in the snow and try and kill me. some day it might, it's the most dangerous thing ever. and anyone who has ever driven a vehicle in crazy ass snow and have it try n drive itself, may understand what i'm talking about. i refuse to pay another penny to have this piece of shit truck not be fixed. ug.

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vivian said...

yeah, but what ever they did to it the last time worked for awhile, Maybe you should take it there and have them do it again. wasnt it the cruise control? Maybe it just needs to be disconnected. It is dangerous. Who was driving it when it did it this time? be careful bethany.
♥your mama!