Tuesday, January 12, 2010


i hate being low in the middle of the night ... no other word describes it other than it sucks. all i wanna do is sleep but instead i get to sit here and wait til my bs comes up before i can go back to sleep ... ug. what's the cure tonight? orange pineapple sunny d and half of a half of a sub from avantis lol ... ha ha, i'm brilliant when it comes to lows.


vivian said...

Luv you gertie pie! so did you get it back up to a more comfortable level so you could go to sleep with out worrying?

Anonymous said...

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Nancy said...

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Erin said...

eh i hate lows too, i always have the worst dreams after one. hope you still got some rest!

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Em-Jay said...

Hey diabetic princess,
Argh, lows can be such a pain! I have a tendency of panicking about being low, and then over doing the sugar/carb intake! ooops. I guess practice makes perfect! I was only diagnosed with Diabetes about a month ago, so lots to learn!

Hope your lows aren't too frequent. I'm in my honeymoon period apparently, so they can happen quite often!

Take Care,
EmJay : )