Wednesday, August 04, 2010

oh baby

(20 weeks 2 days - over a week ago)
i've gone from barely looking pregnant to all of a sudden looking very pregnant. :-D

my blood sugars are crazy. my endo decided that since i've been having so many lows she needed to reduce my pump by 20% ... fine with me but now i'm having a too many higher blood sugars, which if i wasn't pregnant they'd be great numbers, but since i am ... no bueno.

i felt the baby move for the 1st time last week. it was this popping feeling over and over, such a silly feeling, but torry could see my belly dancing as it happened.

we have our next ultra sound on friday. i'm super excited to see baby t again. i'm so used to seeing him every two weeks, i love it. this week we're going to try a repeat of the ultra sound of his heart, hopefully he'll cooperate for us and move around enough. normally he's so active but i guess stubborn also? :-D

hopefully we'll get some good pics this weeks because the ones from 2 weeks ago weren't the best.


Michael Hoskins said...

Congrats! Hope the ultrasound reveals some great pics! Thanks for sharing with all of us in the DOC!

vivian said...

hi gertie! take care of my little grand buddie! I was wondering how your appt went today.
love you

bethany said...

thanks michael - i have a ton already (8 ultra sounds will give you quite a few pics lol) but i would love some newer ones lol

what apt mom? i have ultra sound this fri --- eye dr next thursday --- then high risk baby dr on 8/20 and endo same day after baby dr. i think that's enough apts!

Persuaded said...


ahem.. I didn't know you were blogging, hon! I am so glad you are.. now I can keep up with all your doinz. Just wanted you to know that I am praying for you, especially as you navigate your way through these next few months; praying for a smooth uneventful pregnancy and a healthy happy baby and a healthy happy mama♥
Mrs. S.

LindsayBetes said...

Hi Bethany, found your blog on Kerri's blog, sixuntilme. I just started my own blog also. I am also T1 diabetic and pregnant. I am 9 weeks today! Good luck to you in your pregnancy! When are you due? I am due March 10th. Happy and healthy pregnancy to you! :)

barbara burkard said...

maxx..calls his uncle robbie his "BIG BUDDY" There's my big buddy...bye big buddy...see you later big buddy...i think he forgot his real" I see baby is already giving you learn SOOO QUICK..