Friday, August 06, 2010

21 weeks 5 days

Couldn't get the ultrasound of his heart done again because he wanted to turn upside down and put his butt in the air when it came time to do that part. Up until that then he was moving around and letting them get pictures of him but as soon as it comes time to do the important stuff he decides he's done lol. Either way we got to see some really good pics of him and he looks just like his daddy. He's still itty bitty - only 13 ounces.
:-) (and we got to see him in 3d - though it'll be better when I'm further along and he weighs more) So for the next two weeks we're dr apt free (except for the eye dr. next thursday) but then on the 20th we have another ultrasound, an apt with the high risk ob, and then an endo apt - all one right after another.


vivian said...

Peek a boo grand baby! grammie pie sees you!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Awesome!!!! I am a blogging buddy of your Mom"s just wanted to drop by and say hi. Your baby is already a beauty...m..

barbara burkard said...

your mommy sent me to peek!!! koochie coo...little one!!! This is sooo exciting to be a teensie teeny part of this!!! CONGRATS TO YOU ALL!!!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi. I just left Viv's blog and want to let you know I'm sending up good wishes and prayers for you and that sweet handsome baby boy.

Take care Sweetie. Hugs...Tracy :)

natalea said...

aww! cute baby peeks Bethany! hope you're feeling well...hang in there! xox nat