Monday, August 16, 2010

hungry hungry hippos ...

i went to my eye exam last thursday, it was the 1st one i've gone to in years (i know, i know.) my endo has been telling me every apt i need to go again but now that i'm pregnant i figured it was probably a good idea (plus i recently got eye insurance through my job which makes it completely inexpensive to get new glasses and contacts.) so off i went taking the boy with me so that i would have a way to get home after they dialated my eyes. and then the dr says he refuses to do the dialation because of my pregnancy. i was a little annoyed because the baby dr is the one who said i needed to have it done but oh well. we scheduled the dialation for april and he said he got an almost perfect view of my retinas and that they look perfect. no damage from my diabetes at all. :-D i did need new glasses and hopefully they'll be in this week because i can't wait to be able to see again!

also this week i found out that my insurance is going to cover the dexcom and supplies and also a new pump and supplies for me. all i have to pay is a 20 dollar co-pay. i'm super excited about all of that. i've had minimed for over 6 years now and i'm in the process of switching to animas. after doing a lot of research the ping looks like it's what i want. i really like that fact that you can bolus from the meter. and the dexcom ... this is what i'm most excited about - i emailed my paper work in on friday after talking to my insurance company and can't wait to get the ball rolling with this. i'm hoping that it'll really make a difference and help with my pregnancy ... but for now i guess i'll need to be patient and wait to hear back from animas and dexom. :-D happy monday (almost tuesday.)

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vivian said...

morning bethany! YOu didnt mention that you were hungry in your post, except that you titled it hungry hungry hippos! lol! something tells me you were thinking about food!
silly girl.
I'm glad that our insurance is covering the pump you want and that youre getting new glasses.